Playground Site Plan Submitted to the City for Approval

On January 7, 2021, A Playground for Walker submitted our Site Plan application and Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Plan application to Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services (NDS) for their review and, hopefully, approval.

NDS has 60 days to review the application. Then, we are given time to make any City-requested changes to the plan. Next, NDS has a further 45 days to review the updated plan. Once the application is approved, we can start building – if conducive with the school schedule at that time.

In addition to installing a playground, we are funding renovation of the ADA pathway that Walker shares with Crow Rec Center, making both more accessible to the community. We are talking with contractors about a discounted rate for updating the pathway. If your company is interested in being part of this community project, please email Christa at

As always, thank you, Charlottesville, for your support! And a special thanks to the City Engineer for advising us on the site plan over the last month. We appreciate the help from the City Engineer to design the plan, in particular the stormwater management, in the most efficient, including cost-effective, way.

Author: Christa

I founded Community Well to offer community-building consulting services to nonprofits and political advocacy organizations. I work with nonprofits that provide health, education, job, and housing services and with initiatives that promote progressive public policies.

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