Resources During the Pandemic

The Walker playground team wants folks visiting our website to know about resources that are available to you if you need help during this difficult time. Visit the Support Cville website for links to organizations providing assistance with everything from food to rent: 

While we continue to work behind the scenes to progress the project, our hearts are heavy with the knowledge that many in our community are facing serious, immediate challenges to their wellbeing due to the pandemic. We are grateful for all of those who are offering mutual assistance and are individually supporting those efforts.

We look forward to Charlottesville upper elementary students having a playground where they can swing, run, climb, and more, when it is safe to return to schools and playgrounds. Now more than ever, we want to let our students know that they are loved and cared for, and their wellbeing is important to all of us.

Author: Christa

I founded Community Well to offer community-building consulting services to nonprofits and political advocacy organizations. I work with nonprofits that provide health, education, job, and housing services and with initiatives that promote progressive public policies.

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